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Our Mission is to:

Elevate Project Management Knowledge and Skills of Organizations, Communities and Individuals in Australia and New Zealand regions.

Contact us: admin@pmoaus.com (we will respond within 24 hours) or text message to 04 8125 0041

We are a fast growing company, and have extensive experience in providing Agile, Scrum and Project Management Training, Coaching and Consulting Services to Multi National Enterprises, Small and Medium Companies and individuals.  

Our core competencies are on managing projects in Research & Development (R&D), IT /Software, New Product Introduction (NPI), Engineering & Construction Management.   Our clients are from various industries, from Electronics RND, IT/Software, Telecommunication, to Construction sectors.  

Contact us for more information: admin@pmoaus.com

24 Stafford Street,
Adelaide, SA 5000
ABN: 34 610 163 123